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How do I file for Trademark Registration

How do I file for Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is required in the USA. You will also enjoy many benefits from legal protection for your trademark. The first advantage is the legal rights to your trademark. It means that you are entitled to sue anyone who violates your intellectual property rights.

The second benefit is exclusive ownership. You can to register your trademark with USPTO without restrictions. Even if you do not manufacture or sell your products or services with the trademark, your registration status is still valid. Also, trademark registrations can reflect any name, symbol, design or other changes.

You are not required to disclose your address, name and birth date when you file your trademark in the USA as sole owner. However you are required to provide the name of the individual responsible for the business operations. The USPTO doesn’t oblige you to disclose your trade name or other details for a period of ten years following the date of your trademark registration. The expiry date doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your rights as a registered owner of the mark. It is instead a notification that your trademark has become outdated and cannot be used to register the same. The rights expire after 10 years and need to be renewed prior to being able to be used again.

The USA has a two-year time limit to trademark registration. The trademark is automatically registered in the US once it is successful. If you do not comply, then trademark registration in the USA will be automatically cancelled because the USPTO considers that the trademark has been abandoned. This indicates that the trademark was not registered and that rights have expired. It is possible to renew the registration by filing an application. However, this procedure requires that you file another application within six weeks.

Before you file a trademark registration in the USA it is necessary to make sure that your logo or name isn’t copied by others. If you are planning to use colors, fonts or other distinctive elements, you must submit a request for registration to the USPTO. This covers elements such as designs, slogans, patterns illustrations and images. Before you can sell products in the USA you need to register.

Without a sketch of the designs and goods that you want to protect A trademark application will not be completed. The original copy of any design the applicant has designed must be submitted. It should be high-resolution. To verify that the product submitted is original, the USPTO office will need prescription.

Foreign applications are a different option that can be used to request trademark registrations in USA. If filing a foreign trademark application, the person applying needs to provide a single original document in along with six translations (ones in English, Spanish, German, French and Russian). Each translation needs to be supported by a translation certificate that is a signed document signed by the translator. The entire process can take between six and one-year and is priced the equivalent to applying for a US patent.

It isn’t easy to trademark a trademark in the USA. It can take months of research and many drafts before you are capable of filing the required documents. It is an option by those with the ability, patience, and knowledge. It’s not any effort, and requires only a few minutes.